People in prison want educational materials. The demand for Level's content has increased 45% per month.

Initial Orders are requests from people in prison for Level's educational content. Level responds by sending an educational guide. Completion Forms are optional sheets in each educational guide that the learner can return to Level to mark their completion of the guide. Level responds to each Completion Form by sending a Certificate of Achievement and another educational guide. Growth percentage number taken as an average of month-over-month changes.

Level has served 1,156 people at 62 federal prisons, 401 state prisons and 80 county jails.

Race / Ethnicity


Prison Type

Race, ethnicity and gender data are taken from information from federal, state and county departments of corrections about each individual that Level serves and are not self reported. Not all states and counties provide race, ethnicity and gender data. Race and ethnicity are combined to align with reporting agencies.

Data updated 11:55am Tuesday January 25th 2022 (US Central Time)